Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Facebook Group Error

I am feeling very angry while writing this post.

This is to inform our members that, out Facebook group "Thane Jain Yuva Group" has been deleted by Facebook. We have submitted this info to Facebook, but have not received any reply from them until then we have no option than to wait.

We have two instruments on Facebook
  1. Facebook Group  (Which is now deleted)
  2. Facebook Page    (Not Official)
The Group on Facebook was created for internal communication of Members only. This was also used to share photos and to inform about the upcoming meetings, events and Causes.Then a page was created by Ajit, for using facebook to reach out to public, similar to this blog.

Edit : We shall wait for another 1 week, then start a new Group.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Gaimukh Temple visit

Thane Jain Yuva Group had organized trip to Gaimukh temple on Ghodbunder Road. This trip was kept in a view to increase friendship between members and to have a small outing in rainy season. Gaimukh temple is Lord Shva temple located on Ghodbunder Road after Suraj Water park, opposite upcoming lodha complex.

All the TJYG members were invited, out of which only 19 members turned up of the short but refreshing trip. The main reason for small nos. was Schools and Colleges had started and many had some or the other exams.

The trip was very enjoying as we all played "Pakdapakdi", "Langdi", "Kho-kho", "Damsharas" then had some snacks. As we reached Gaimukh, there was a shooting of movie going on, this made this outing more fun. There were short showers of rain while playing games and we all enjoyed that too. To conclude this trip was SUPERB.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Celebrated "Ajits's Mom And Dad 25th Aniversary"

A member of Thane Jain Yuva Group - Ajit Ostwal invited all members to his Parent's 25th aniversary on 19th June, 2012.

All Thane jain Yuva Group Members (TJYG) enjoyed a lot. These are some of the pics at his party.

Gift from Thane Jain Yuva Group
Ajit Holding gift from TJYG