Monday, February 25, 2013

Indian Coins

Here are the different types of coins issued by Indian Government after Independence of different denominations.

2 Rupees Coin
1 Rupee Coin

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dates for Mahavir Jayanti

23 Feb
Meeting of elderly, for discussing preparations of mahavir jayanti and to discuss about other important topics.

24 Feb
All members meet, for informing what happened on 23rd's meeting and to give measurements for dresses. This shall be an important meet as we shall discuss and finalize all responsibilities, performances, Skits, Dance, etc.

3 Mar
Meeting of Scrip writters, all other members also invited for giving suggestion for Skit.

10 Mar
Meeting of Scrip writters, all other members also invited for giving suggestion for Skit.

17 Mar
Meeting of members to finalize the script of Skit.

24 Mar
In this meet we shall distribute the dresses and shall start preparations for other stage performances. This will be an important meet and don't miss this one. Shall decide the songs for dance, participants, Trainers for dance.

14 Apr to 21 Apr (1 Week)
As exams shall be over by this time, So everyday practice.

21 Apr
Last full fledged reversal of stage show.

23 Apr
Mahavir Jayanti.

Mahavir Jayanti Preparations Committee

Hi as you are aware that this year Mahavir Jayanti is going to be celebrated on 23rd April, 2013. Hence for making all the arrangements and organizing this event this yer we have decide that we should have a committee.

Based on volume of the work to be handled we have made 12 members committee for this.
  • Adarsh
  • Ajit
  • Ashish
  • Amrut
  • Bhavesh
  • Devendra
  • Luccky (Mayur)
  • Jacky (Mayank)
  • Prince (Paurush)
  • Rohit (Mukesh)
  • Ravi (Avinash)
We have made this selection based on 
  • Time devoting capabilities
  • Activeness of member in group
  • Representation of a population 

If u feel that we have missed out your name and you are willing to be part of the team for organizing this year's mahavir Jayanti, pls call us

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dress for group

Meeting was conducted to finalize the dress code for the members on 3rd Feb, 2013 at Vedant where it was decided to have a dress for all the members.

This post gives some examples of the dress which we are planning to have.

For Boys

It would be while kurta and chudidar

Kurta & Chudidar Example

(But we will have a quite a simple work)