"Thane Jain Yuva Group" is formed with these objectives, that we all members thrive to achieve.

  1. To Protect our mother tongue - Marvadi from being a language of past. Details
  2. Unite Our parents by abolishing panth system which divides us. Details
  3. To Promote the motto "Go Veg". Details
  4. Organize various cultural events. Details
  5. Follow the principles of Mahavir Swami of making world a better place to live and let live. Details
  6. Enhance Quality of life of Jain's living in Thane. Details
  7. Promote and help Jain Businessmen in Thane. Details
  8. Inculcate "Sanskar" in Yuva pidhi. 
  9. Strive for overall betterment of all Human Beings as well as all living beings living on Earth. 

Contact Us for any addition or changes in Objectives of TJYG.

Following are some of the Projects undertaken by YJYG.