Tuesday, August 21, 2012

United pratikraman organised

Objective of the group being to unite all the jains living in thane and thereby abolishing panth system, we all have kept pratikaman for all the panth together at nirmala niketan hall.

For thoes who don't know what pratikraman is
"Pratikraman (literally Sanskrit "introspection"), is a process of repentance of sins (prayaschit) during which Jains repent for their wrongdoings during their daily life, and remind themselves to refrain from doing so again. Devout Jains often do Pratikraman at least twice a day. In same one practices self-observation and emphasize the necessity of self-effort to move the soul towards divine consciousness and liberation"

For those who don't know what panth is,
Panth is division of followers of Mahavir Swami. When the Jain religion started it was one united system. Then in 360 BC (Around 160 years after Mahavir's Nirvana) there was a split into two Sects - Digambar and Svetambar then in 1474 AD Svetambar splited to form two panths - Sthankvasi and Mandirmargi (Also still called Svetambar). Then again in 1760 AD some saints splited from Sthankvasi to form a new panth called "Terapanth". So now exists 3 panths
> Murtipujak (Mandirmargi/Svetambar)
> Sthankvasi (Barapanthi)
> Terapanth

So after knowing what all this panth is all about, we (The Thane Jain Yuva Group) attempted to unite ALL, by having a common pratikraman at nirmala Niketan hall at Vartak Nagar. This event was attended by families of all the panths. Thus marking a success of having a united pratikraman.

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