Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Help On Commenting

First let me tell you where you can find and comment on.

When you are on home page of website you see only a list of resent posts. You will have to be on a post to see comment box. To go on a post, just click on the blue link on the top of the posts. This is the post heading. When you click on the link, you shall be taken to the post page, where you will be able to see the whole post.

Need to Connect

You have 4 Options to connect from (Type Something in Comment Box and you will see the bellow options to connect)

  1. Twitter
  2. FaceBook
  3. Google
  4. Disqus
I would Suggest you connect with FaceBook. Once you click on F button follow these steps

1.- A new pop-up window shall open and you need to login into facebook.Disqus is a reputed software company from USA and shall not store any info of login and password.
(If you have already logged in into FaceBook, then you will see the second step)

2. - Now you need to authorize the disqus system to identify you. It shall just access your Name and email address from facebook, nothing else.

Once you click on Authorise, you are now registered for commenting.
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Browsers Supported

This new commenting system shall work only on some browsers namely Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and also not on mobile website