Friday, November 30, 2012

Unity in nepal - Jain Temple

I recently visited Nepal, being Jain we all search for Jain temples in our travel path. So did I.

I was amazed by the unity shown by the Jain's in Nepal at this visit to Jain Temple. The temple is both of "Svetambar" and "Digambar". This is the first temple which I know of which is symbol of unity in these two panths.
The temple was of two floors one for each panths.

Mahavir swami at Kathmandu, Nepal
1st Floor - Mahavir Swami Murti

Two floor Jain Temple at Kathmandu
Two floor Jain Temple at Kathmandu

2nd Floor
Adinath dada murti on Ground Floor

Bhojansala at Nepal
Nepal Temple's "Saria" and "Bhojanshala"

There are few homes of Jain's in Nepal and that too in the Capital City - Kathmandu. So this creates shortage of funds to build a temple, may be this is the reason for their unity. But even though, you need to have team spirit and pure hearts for this unity.