Thursday, January 10, 2013

Marwari language's vocbulary falling

Marwari (Marwadi) Language which is spoken by marwari's is smirlar to Hindi language and is spoken mainly by people staying in Rajasthan.

Since it is first objective of our group to protect this language, I am starting a new imitative of our group to have our dictionary of Marwari Language.

We use our language as primary communication at home, with our marvadi friends, with our relatives and at cultural events, but the Vocabulary of words are decreasing. New generation don't even understand what words our elderly people talk talk with.
Just to give an example of this, do you know the meaning of these words?
  • Buaro
  • Habudija
  • Futra
I am sure many of you will agree that they have read these terms for the first time.

So, We should have a marwadi dictionary which will serve two purposes.
  1. Help our-self to learn new marvadi words
  2. This blog will serve as online dictionary for people trying to search for marwadi words on search-engine.

What do you feel about this initiative leave it in comments.