Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Destruction of Karmas

While travelling on the path of spiritual progress, a person destroys all eight types of his karmas in the following sequence:

First Mohaniya (Delusion), then 

Jnana varaniya (Knowledge), 
Darasna varaniya (Vision), and 
Antaraya (Natural Qualities) all three together. 

At this time, he attains keval_jnan and he is known as Arihant, which is also known as Tirthankara, Jina, Arhat, Kevali, or Nirgantha. Lastly the remaining four karmas namely 
Vedniya (Pleasure and pain of the body), 
Nama (Body), 
Gotra (Social standing), and 
Ayu (Life span) are destroyed. 
At this time, he attains total liberation and he is known as Siddha.

The first four karmas are called Ghati karmas because they obscure the natural qualities of the soul.  The last four karmas are known as Aghati karmas because they do not affect the qualities of the soul, but they are associated to the physical body of the soul.  Once a person destroys all his Ghati karmas, he will definitely destroy all of his Aghati karmas before his death.  No fall back can occur after the destruction of Ghati karmas.