Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Karma in Jainism

There are many types of karma. However they are broadly classified into the following eight categories:
  1. Mohniya karma - It generates delusion in the soul in regard to its own true nature, and makes it identify itself with other external substances.
  2. Jnana varaniya karma - It covers the soul's power of perfect knowledge.
  3. Darasna varaniya karma It covers the soul's power of perfect visions.
  4. Antaraya karma - It obstructs the natural quality or energy of the soul such as charity and will power. This prevents the soul from attaining liberation. It also prevents a living being from doing something good and enjoyable.
  5. Vedniya karma - It obscures the blissful nature of the soul, and thereby produces pleasure and pain.
  6. Nama karma - It obscures the non corporeal existence of the soul, and produces the body with its limitations, qualities, faculties, etc.
  7. Gotra karma - It obscures the soul's characteristics of equanimity, and determines the family, social standing, and personality.
  8. Ayu karma - It determines the span of life in one birth, thus obscuring soul's nature of eternal existence.
The first four karmas are called Ghati karmas because they obscure the natural qualities of the soul.  The last four karmas are known as Aghati karmas because they do not affect the qualities of the soul, but they are associated to the physical body of the soul.

While traveling on the path of spiritual progress, a person destroys all eight types of his karmas.

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