Saturday, December 15, 2012

How to Live Till 100 Years

Step 1
Take an active life, both mentally and physically. You should not be obsessed about health, but you need to do some exercises. Walking, golf, swimming - anything is welcomed. Use a program of stretching to maintain flexibility and lift weights to prevent osteoporosis.

Step 2
Keep yourself at an ideal weight. If you are overweight you will limit the chances of exceeding the age of 100 years. Drink moderately and do not smoke at all.Numerous studies have shown that married people live longer than singles.

Step 3
Eliminate stress that is not necessary in your life because it leads to a shorter life. If you find a satisfying job that you like that will help to prolong your life. If you are retired do something that will give meaning to your life.

Create better links with friends and loved ones. This may be more difficult than to live 100 years, but it will be very helpful if you manage it. Live simply.
Stay away from boring and depressed people. Even 100 years is little time to waste. There are many fun things you need to do.

How to Live 100 Years
Article in Economic Times on 10th December, 2012
Tips for Living 100 Years
Tips for Living 100 Years

Population of people living 100 and more
Population of people living 100 and more